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Become a client

We want to get to know you, your goals and your financial planning needs. Our confidential client profile provides essential insight into where you are now in terms of assets, liabilities, employment, income and insurance.  Please contact our office to schedule a initial consultation.  

If we decide that a planning partnership is mutually beneficial, we will work together to provide clarity to your current financial situation.  

Our understanding of complex financial situations will help bring clarity to your situation by incorporating your goals, immediate and future tax liabilities, insurance needs, real estate investments, education strategy, estate planning, compensation packages and debt analysis.  

Each meeting is followed by a short and simple summary and a checklist with action items.

Depending upon your situation, we will meet quarterly or annually to review your goals and financial situation.  In the interim, as our client, you will be encourage to contact us as needed with questions, updates, financial decisions or simply join us for one of our social gatherings.  

 Please contact our office to schedule an initial consultation