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Does an Independent Agent Provide Stronger Protection?

Doing your own insurance quotes can seem tempting, but as we become more established, is it wise to do so?  

In my time as an agent I have learned some things about the insurance industry that I feel are important to share.  What I’ve seen when running quotes for clients is that algorithms vary depending upon the insurance company.  If the algorithm thinks you’re an ideal client for a specific insurance provider they will offer you a lower price as an incentive to switch to them.  Often times these quotes are based on state minimums.   What’s concerning in this situation is that these minimums do not take into concern the larger picture of your major assets.  As your investment in your home and your savings each grow it becomes increasingly important to have an agent who can look at the bigger picture of your financial situation and help identify your needs.  

My objective as an insurance agent is to make sure you have the right amount of insurance for your financial situation and not just offer low ball quotes to make a sale.  By looking at the value of your assets, your hobbies and talking through your financial situation, I can provide guidance on how much coverage you should have to allow you to make the best decision for your risk tolerance.

I work to help clients find a safe level of coverage with the goal of reducing their insurance costs by packaging policies and comparing quotes.  I’m always happy to review insurance with prospective clients, there is no obligation to go with my quotes, but at least we can have the discussion so that you have a sense of what is adequate based on the larger picture of your needs, rather than an algorithm.

I often receive positive feedback from folks, this is why they feel that discussing their insurance with me is worth the time:

  • I pay close attention to fluctuation in value of their major assets, ensuring that they have adequate liability coverage to help protect those assets from being taken in a lawsuit.
  • I’m conscious of their time - I provide a simplified, coordinated quoting process for all of your major assets.  I simplify the quoting process by gathering information and doing research before I meet with you.  That way we can focus the conversation on your coverage needs when we meet.
  • I give honest answers that will protect my clients.  We all would like to save money on insurance, but when is the additional risk worth a bit of money?  I work closely with my clients to make sure their assets are adequately covered.
  • Of course I’d like to work with you, but I am happy to make quotes that don’t result in a sale.  A few months ago, I worked with a prospect, highlighting several areas where I was concerned their coverage was not adequate.  They called me a few months later saying thank you for the advice and that they had contacted their current insurance provider to update their coverage with the suggestions I made.  For a few hundred dollars more a year they are now much better protected for their risk exposure.  

The way I approach insurance is to use it as a tool to help protect your family’s assets and financial future.  If you have questions on whether your coverage is the right fit for you, I am happy to review your policies and provide guidance.  The best thing to do is to reach out now as no one can predict when an accident may occur.

 To your financial success,

Brad Christian