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Is Pet Insurance Really a Thing?

Yes, pet insurance has been around for quite a while. Several large companies offer pet insurance as an added service to their clients or customers. Pet insurance is similar to health insurance (not life insurance).

Here’s how pet insurance works:

·    Take your pet to any vet that you want to use

·    Pay the bill like you normally would

·    Send your receipt to your pet insurance provider and they will reimburse you based on your coverage

As far as coverage, there are 3 decisions you need to make on what coverage you want:

1.   Deductible: How much you will pay out of pocket every year before the insurance starts paying.

2.   Percent of reimbursement: How much the insurance company will pay after the deductible.  Examples would be 70%, 80%, or 90% of your pet’s bills.

3.   What you want covered: Do you want insurance to pay for wellness visits, major medical costs, etc.?


Most of the insurance companies have similar offerings. The biggest differentiator between providers is what they cover. Some will only cover wellness visits, major medical, or a different combination of options.


Nationwide pet insurance is great because they offer coverage for basically everything and you can decide what coverage you want. In addition to dogs and cats, they will also cover birds and exotic pets.


Getting a pet insurance quote is easy. You enter the name, age, type of pet, and your basic information to get a quote. To start a policy, you will then have some additional questions to fill out.


If you consider your pet to be a part of your family, it’s worth running a pet insurance quote and talking through your options. In my experience, when your pet has an accident or health issues, you usually need to decide quickly on what to do next. Knowing you have insurance to cover some of the expense may make your decision easier.

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