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Stay Connected

Out of concern for our community, our staff will be working remotely until public health agencies lift recommendations for social distancing.  Because our computer systems, technology and data storage are encrypted, secure and up-to-date, you won't notice any changes in our services:

  • Our hours of operation will remain consistent: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.   
  • Our remote operations are secure.  As part of our comprehensive business continuity plan, we have worked hard over the years to continually improve our ability to work remotely if necessary.  This includes secure systems for communication, data storage and encryption of devices.  This means that we were able to seemlessly and easily move our staff to remote systems without comprimising client services or data security.  
  • Our full line of services remains available to you.  It's business as usual for us, our clients and those interested in learning about our financial planning services.  If you'd like to reach us, simply call the office number 303.939.8766 or send us an email.  
  • Meetings.  We are fully equipped to meet with you virtually.  Or, if you would like to come into the office, please let us know.   

Stay safe during this time and, as always, please reach out with any concerns. 

How to Help

If you are interested in donating, listed below are some ideas of organizations that are responding in support of the elderly and our community at large.  We've also included a few arts organizations that are streaming online events or have recorded events and exhibits on their website.

Community Food Share

Give Blood: Vitalant (formerly Bonfils)

Meals on Wheels

The Community Foundation

Keep yourself entertained and your favorite arts organization thriving:

The Dairy Center:  Streaming Live Events

The Denver Art Museum

The SIE Film Center