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Tax liability managed

Tax management adds value to your financial plan.

Tax strategy is at the forefront of any decision we help our clients make.  As tax laws change, we evaluate the impact on client's individual situations, then adjust their strategy accordingly. 

  • Our financial planning process continually takes into account your long and short-term tax liabilities.  Whether accumulating wealth in retirement or sending a child to school, we have a tax strategy to lower the overall cost.  
  • A Morningstar study found that over the course of nearly a century, the average investor lost 1% to 2% annually due to tax errors, an amount that could have a major impact on your portfolio over the course of your lifetime.  
  • Indepth tax strategies are often overlooked.  A properly crafted retirement withdrawal strategy may stop you from a higher tax bracket.  Saving 5% on taxes is like having a 5% coupon on retirement.  

We offer tax preparation services for our financial planning clients. When appropriate, we work with or refer to a CPA.

Whether we are your sole tax advisor, or we are working with your CPA, we bring your personal goals, your assets and your investments, essentially your entire financial picture, to the table as we advocate for your best options.  

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