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Auto Insurance from Welch Financial Planning & Insurance 

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What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Full coverage typically includes liability coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance Includes:

Liability Coverage

Protects you in the event of a lawsuit from an accident where you were deemed at fault. Required by state law.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers your car when there is damage for an event other than collision with another car. Wind/hail and theft are common perils covered by comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage

Covers damage to your car and other cars when you hit another vehicle.

 When might you not need comprehensive or collision insurance?

If you lease or have a loan on your vehicle, you will likely be required to have both comprehensive and collision insurance.

As your vehicle gets older, you will get less from your insurance company if there is a total loss. We can estimate what you might receive from your insurance and compare that to what you are paying to see if you should remove comprehensive and or collision coverage. 

Collision coverage may be removed when you do not plan to drive a car or drive it very little.

Classic cars or new cars that you treat like a classic car may need special coverage. We have great options to protect your cherished automobiles.

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