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Business Insurance Can be Complicated.

We have a wealth of business knowledge at Welch Financial Planning from experience.

Our vast experience ranges from running a small business to serving as a finance executive at a Fortune 150 company.

Key Terms to Know

How Insurance Providers Think About Business Insurance


Every type of business has its own class based on what the business does.


Using data they can determine how often a claim is filed and the cost of the claim to the insurance company by class. 


All insurance companies determine what classes of business they want to insure.  The classes insurance companies don’t want to insure will either be denied business or offered at a higher premium.

Policies We Offer

General Liability


Businessowners Policy (BOP)

Inland Marine

Business Auto

Workers' Compensation

Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Certificates are important these days as most businesses that work with other businesses ask for a certificate of insurance. We make sure you have the correct endorsements on your policy so that the businesses you work with get what they need and you don’t miss out on business.

Business Auto Insurance

Own, rent, borrow, or lease a vehicle?  This will determine the business auto coverage you need.

  Those numbers on your auto policy, 1 through 9, are very important as they determine what coverage you have.

We're here to get you the right coverage for YOUR business.

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