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You've worked hard to build your assets.  You need a trusted partner, committed to personalized guidance.

You have made smart financial choices.

We serve entrepreneurs, engineers, real estate investors, artists, high-level managers and disciplined savers who are busy developing businesses, raising kids, building their wealth and preparing to retire.

We fondly refer to them as grateful high net worth investors: they understand the value of due diligence and informed decisions.

Many of our clients started with their first paycheck, then continually built their wealth through consistent saving, business opportunities, local real estate investments, tax strategy and inheritance. 

You want to maintain control.

Our clients maintain control of their finances. We nourish control through structure, education and in-depth discussions tailored to your individual situation.

While meetings are scheduled regularly to formally review financial plans, insurance, and tax concerns, we stay in contact between reviews. Clients also reach out to discuss compensation packages, the purchase of a new car, college tuition, rental property investments, strategic use of debt and tax concerns.

Throughout the year, we provide our clients with the reassurance of having an experienced third party at the table to help them create and implement an intentional plan for their wealth.

You deserve expertise and efficiency.

Our advisors specialize in creating plans incorporating inherited wealth, vested benefits, risk management, insurance, taxes, education expense and real estate.

Maintaining a small client base allows us to pay close attention to your individual situation, melding business concerns, real estate investments and current market conditions with your overall financial goals to create an individualized financial plan.

As your life changes and priorities evolve, we work with you to maintain direction towards your retirement goals and your legacy.

How would a trusted partnership benefit your financial health?

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Our advisors, Tron D. Welch, CFP®, MBA, AIF® and Lisa A. Cowan would love to meet you.

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